Who Are Generation Meh?

An investigation into the new Lost Generation within the UK.

VIDEO: What is it like to be a part of Generation Meh?

I spoke to Hannah, a graduate working in Cumbria, about her experiences at university and in the career market after graduation. She talks about the help she was given at university … Continue reading

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Are generation Meh Entitled

Entitlement- this is one of the most common descriptions of Generation Meh. They are often accused of having a sense of entitlement, that life should just hand them a top-paying … Continue reading

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Are Generation Meh all benefit scroungers?

When we took a walk into Preston to ask your opinion on unemployment and Generation Meh, we got this response from a 16-year old local: “I don’t need a job … Continue reading

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Hitting back against the “Lazy” label

The accusation that Generation Y or Generation Meh are lazy  is one that is often heard. They expect everything to be handed to them and they don’t want to work … Continue reading

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Here’s what you think…

We went out onto the streets of Preston today to see what you think about the Meh Generation, here are the results…  

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The Lost Generation in Popular Music

It’s not just Politicians and journalist who talk about our lost generation. Rizzle Kicks who have stormed to chart success over the past few years recently released a track called … Continue reading

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Are Generation Meh Simply Lazy?

“They’re narcissistic. They’re lazy. They’re coddled. They’re even a bit delusional” This is a description of The Millennials, or generation Meh from the Times US . A bold statement but … Continue reading

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